I 💖 Feet – 9 19 19

The second edition of “I 💖 Feet” is upon us, like a dangling sandal, about to abandon it’s bare foot. When I relocated to Denver in September of 2019, I immediately noticed a very blatant lack in foot related things. Coming from a long stretch of Florida living, where foot parties are a bi monthly […]

Mistress Monday

A New Chapter Starting Monday July 2nd 2019 I am teaming up with Mistress Nicci to bring the beautiful bottoms of Denver a place to thrive. Mistress Monday is all about service and the fulfillment of the desires of the divine Feminine. Guest Mistresses touring through Denver on Mondays will be welcomed and available for […]

New Things

This year I got the best presents and it is not even Christmas yet 🙂 I feel so fortunate and grateful, and you, My dear reader, should too. Because unlike regular politics, trickle down benefits are thing in My weird Queendom of perversion. First off you should know by now I have moved to Arvada. […]